We use apostilles for documents that have been sent from other countries after they have been authenticated. For these documents, being apostilled is the only way they will be able to be put into legal processing, since it does not have any value before it. These documents may be completely fine in the country they have been certified in, but when they are here, they must be apostilled.

What Exactly Is An Apostille?

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Apostilles are a sign meaning that the document has been approved by said country and its authenticity is confirmed. After this, all that is needed to be done is getting the apostille translated and certified by the notary public's offices. Since this is a legal document, the translation must also be done by certified individuals. This is where we step in. Adıgün Translation Offices offer expert apostille translation services for below average market price with high speed and quality. We have been on the field for a long time and have experience of everything! Our sworn translators are able to translate and stamp your apostille translation and can take it to the notary public's office to be certified as well! We make sure your translation experience is not hindered by waiting in lines and doing annoying work just to get a simple document certified. We have you covered, no worries! For Document Translation Prices, You can visit our website!

Why Do Certain Documents Require Apostilles?

Every country has different laws and ways they execute them. This is why a document that is received by a foreign country needs to be apostilled by said country to be able to be translated and used here in Turkey. This goes for every country that has accepted the apostille agreement. The document, wherever it came from, must be apostilled from said country to be able to be legally used in any other apostille accepting country.

Birth certificates, wills, death certificates, marriage certificates, medical reports and so on must have apostille certification to be able to be used legally. Apostille translation and certification is the easiest part of the process. Getting your apostilles is the bulk of the work. Apostilles also have timelines that differ from country to country. Some apostilles only last 6 months or a year, and some apostilles last forever if no expiration date is written down. Apostilles must be certified by the institution that they are issued from, just like many other countries.

So if you are planning on bringing a legal document from another country, make sure you apostille it before coming, or else the process will take a lot longer considering the fact that consulates and institutions are very slow when it comes to certification, since it requires meticulous work to be done. After all of that is done, all you have to do is give us a call and arrange your needs. We complete the sworn translation service and notary public's certification for you!

Can Adıgün Help Me With My Apostille Process?

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The Adıgün Translation Office specializes in every part of their field. We have been offering professional sworn translation to the world for many years! Our expert staff has what it takes to help you with whatever you need. If a document you have brought from a foreign country needs to be apostilled, we take over the case and handle it for you. We contact the institution that has issued said document and request an apostille. 

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After the request has been accepted, we send your document over and wait for it to be apostilled and sent back to us so we can finalize your work. And since your document has finally been apostilled, now we can translate and certify the apostilles, which makes it eligible for legal use. At Adıgün, we care for our customers and do anything it takes to finalize the situation for you as accurately and as fast as possible without the quality degrading.

Our ISO certificates further prove our point about confidentiality and trust. Good customer service is at the top of our list as well. Most of our customers choose to remain with our offices for future projects and have never felt better about their choice! You can contact our offices by e-mailing us or you can call us whenever you please. Our office is open for consultancy 24/7, so do not be afraid to call us! We welcome you with open arms! Joining us is just one small phone call away!

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