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You can visit our German translation office, which provides translation services in all languages, or you can start the translation process online without leaving your home.

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Notary Sworn German Translation Office

Adıgün Translation and Consulting is a translation office that provides services with a staff of officially authorized sworn German translators in Turkey. Our company, which provides advantages to its customers thanks to its location, enables fast and quality transactions thanks to its proximity to the notary public. In addition, customer satisfaction, information security, perfection in translation and compliance with standards are among the most important issues for our company.

As a German translation office, we strive to meet your expectations in the best way while serving you. In this context, we make any effort to respond to sworn translation requests from our customers in the highest quality manner. We offer advantageous solutions with our translators who are proficient in German and Turkish languages.

While we offer translation services at the most affordable costs, we also attach great importance to customer satisfaction. In this context, we strive to meet your expectations with our fast, quality and reliable German Translation services. You can contact us for alternative payment methods and the best quality services.

German Interpretation

German translation services are very important due to the number of Turks living in Germany and the relations between the two countries. You can enjoy our special solutions by taking a look at all the details shared below regarding German translation prices.
Our professional team meets your service demands and also offers advantageous solutions for mass translations. With our German interpreting services, we are at your side with our German interpreting and interpreting services in official meetings, organizations such as meetings, symposiums, private meetings, telephone calls, etc.

Accompanying Interpreter Support: You can apply to our office for interpreter support to accompany your foreign guests.

German Notary Sworn Translator: We provide translator support in all languages of the world for your various notary transactions such as trading, power of attorney, marriage transactions with foreign nationals.

German Translator for Land Registry Sales Transactions: With our translator support, we ensure that all transactions are carried out easily in the purchase and sale transactions of our foreign customers in our country. Likewise, we provide interpreter support in all languages for all title deeds of our citizens with foreign nationals.

German Sworn Translation

Adıgün Translation and Consulting is a translation office that provides services with a staff of officially authorized sworn translators in Turkey. Our company, which provides advantages to its customers thanks to its location, enables fast and quality transactions thanks to its proximity to the notary public.

Notarized German Translation

Notarization required for German translations is a common situation in official procedures. This service is of great importance in the translation of official documents into German or in the translation of German language documents into Turkish.

Thanks to the notarized German translation, the validity of the document is ensured and a successful application process is provided.

With the alternative of sworn translation, also known as notarized translation, a sworn translator ensures the international validity of the document. The German translation office is held responsible for any errors that may appear in these documents.

In the sworn translation service, where the translation processes are not different from a standard translation, the documents signed by the translator are considered to be error-free. In this way, there becomes an interlocutor of the problems that may arise from the translation. As Adıgün, we support you with sworn translation, apostille certification and notarized translation services.

Frequently Requested Translation Types

  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Academy
  • Commercial
  • Legal
  • Literary Translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Consecutive translation
  • Company Correspondence
  • Website Translations
  • Passport Translation
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Celibacy
  • Divorce Order Translations
  • Power of attorney
  • Denegation
  • Death certificate
  • ID card
  • Identity Register Copy
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Transcript
  • Driver's license
  • Criminal record
  • Health report
  • Catalog
  • Residence permit
  • Visa Documents
  • Consular Documents
  • Apostille Translation
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Online Translation

Online German Translation Services

Wherever you are in the world, you can experience our Online German translation service. All you have to do is take a photo of your documents or send us a scanned copy of your document. You can start the online translation process from German to our WhatsApp, Telegram offer lines on our website or by filling out the order form.

Upon your request, we receive the notary approval of your document, the Apostille annotation on your behalf, and deliver all your completed documents to the cargo within the same day. Regardless of where you are in the world, we deliver it to your home with quality, reliable cargo companies that we have agreed with, free of charge within Turkey.

Most Affordable German Translation Prices 2023

Turkish German Translation

While German is among the most spoken languages in the world, the abundance of Turkish and German relations has also increased the demands for translation in German. In this context, it is possible to talk about perfect opportunities for those who want to receive German Translation services.Before receiving the translation service in German, we share with you brief information about Germany.

Germany is a member of the European Union and has one of the strongest economies in the world. It is known that Germany, which has deep cultural ties with Turkey, became closer to Turkey with the worker migrations that started in 1961. The existence of millions of Turks living within the borders of Germany has also increased the value of Turkish - German translation services.

Thanks to the interaction between the citizens of the two countries in commercial, educational, cultural and touristic terms, a serious quality expectation has emerged in the standard of translation services. As Adıgün, which produces solutions for its customers with written and oral translation alternatives, we aim to provide you with a quality service.

Delivery of Completed Documents

In addition to online delivery, your completed documents can be transported free of charge within Turkey by Yurtiçi Kargo and UPS cargo and sent in the form of printed documents. If you request a printed document from abroad, it will be sent via DHL or TNT international transportation companies, depending on the destination of the documents. Delivery abroad is subject to a fee. Delivery times may vary depending on the conditions determined by the companies and the country to be delivered.

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