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Service Of Finding a manufacturers in Turkey

Contact manufacturers and suppliers with our trusted manufacturers finding services!



1-3 DAY


50 USD

Service fee

Service Of Finding a manufacturer

Find trusted manufacturers companies and suppliers with Adıgün and Consultants

Adıgün Translating and Consultancy, a professional company which was formed in 2016 with optimal customer service, has an experienced and cosmopolitan customer base.

Our company which recognizes the cultures and principles of all countries, provides you with great advantages while searching for new suppliers or producers.

We find you suppliers or producers depending on your needs from Turkey or the Turkey For a set fee, we analyze the market and find the best product for you given the parameters you have set.

Our Manufacturers Company and Supplier Finding Stages

Request form

File a request form that has all of the information we need for your product. The more detailed your request is, the better the results will be.


You can complete the payment process online, money order or international money transfer.

Finding producer companies and suppliers

We search for trusted suppliers and producers given the manufacturers you have specified. We meticulously search and find many options for you to go over.

Report presentation

We present you a report concerning your request with the three best options which cover the price, manufacturers, and communication.

Our other services

Arranging conference calls with suppliers and manufacturers

Videos and detailed images from the manufacturers grounds

Sending of samples (given the proper directions)

Written and interpreted translation support

Organization of fair participation

Accompaniment of translators at fairs

Why The Adıgün Translation Company?

Direct suppliers

We work with suppliers and manufacturer directly without any middleman or commissions

Standard service price

We don't request a percentage based on any trade you have done and there are no secret charges

Fast and in a short time

We provide these services in the shortest amount of time possible.

Individual approach

You will be working with a consultant for any questions you may have during your project's process.

Market knowledge

This will not only save time, it will also lower the risk of unsuccessful procedures.

Online order

You can contact us 24/7 for any information on our wide array of services.

Frequently Asked Questions