Court Decision Translation

Court Decision Translation

Our company provides sworn court decision translation in all languages. In case of need, we follow the court decision notarization procedures on your behalf.

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With our meticulous and complete translation service and the most affordable price policy, Adıgün Translation Agency is always at your side for your needs such as the translation of court decision.

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Notarized Court Decision Translation Office

Court decision translation is required to be applied in our country in judicial cases or in cases where a case decided in our country needs to be declared to a foreign country abroad, these decisions must be translated into Turkish or the language of the relevant country.

In general, requests for Court Decision translation arise in commercial cases, custody proceedings, divorce cases and similar matters. Since the translation of a court decision is a legal document, the translation of documents should be done carefully by specialized translators.

We, as a notarized court decision translation agency, provide our services in order to prepare your translations without any problems. If you make a request as a company or an individual, your documents will be prepared without any errors.

In addition, our company provides two-way translation of a court decision in Turkish or a foreign language and performs the notarized court decision translation process in a short time with sworn translators.

The Most Advantageous Court Decision Translation Price

It is not possible to give a clear price for the translation of a court decision. Since the page structure, number of pages and content of each judgment varies, there is no clear criterion for determining prices. You can get a price quote for the translation of the documents you request by contacting our company.

Another factor in determining the translation price of a court decision is whether the translated document needs to be notarized or not. Price studies are carried out in line with the requested demands. Another factor that determines the price is the date of the document request. The price of Court Decision translation may vary according to different requests. Our company carries out its work by guaranteeing affordable prices and quality, professional service for your documents.

Translation Fees

The Most Demanded Languages for Court Decision Translation

English is the most demanded language for translations of Court Decisions. English is recognized as a universal language. For this reason, as a translation office, we receive many requests for documents in English.

Apart from English, German is also among the most demanded languages. The important reason for this is that many Turkish citizens live in Germany and we are in constant social, cultural and commercial relations with Germany. Many people living in Turkey migrate to Germany and need translations of both the court decisions that have been decided in our country and the translations of the decisions finalized abroad.

Apart from these languages, Arabic is one of the languages that we, as a Court Decision translation office, have been translating quite a lot lately. The volume of trade with Arabs has increased due to the fact that Arab products are very popular and in demand in our country. The increase in the number of Syrian immigrants requires the translation of court decisions finalized in our country or in their own countries for various reasons.

In addition to the main languages we have mentioned, translations of languages such as Italian, French, Russian, Azerbaijani and Bulgarian are also frequently performed. You can come to our Adıgün Translation and Consultancy Office or contact us via our online communication channels and we will translate the court decision into the language of your choice.

Court Decree Certified Translation Agency Near You

Our translation and consultancy agency provides translation services in Çanakkale province of Turkey. However, another benefit of technology is the re-evaluation of the concepts of distance and proximity between the service providers and recipients. With our online court order translation service, we are as close to you as an internet click, phone call or e-mail.

We are closer to you than the nearest translation offices. There is no need to go to great lengths to get service, we have all the information and guidance you need on our website. To place an order through the website, it will be sufficient to send us a sample of the document via e-mail or WhatsApp.

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