Academic Translation

Academic Translation

As Adıgün Translation and Consultancy, we provide academic translation services with our professional staff specialized in academic translation. With our native sworn translators, we offer you the best translation service in the translation of scientific researches in a high quality and fast manner.

We offer professional support for the translation of foreign language texts into Turkish or the translation of a Turkish text, article or research into all languages of the world. At this point, you can reach our consultants through our communication channels to get more detailed information from us and convey your requests and needs. Adıgün Translation and Consultancy Services is at your service with its ever-growing, innovative and up-to-date staff.

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Academic Translation Acency

Academic translation can be defined as the translation of studies in various scientific fields into foreign languages for the purpose of translating foreign sources, translating articles into Turkish, and translating articles that have been researched and published in Turkish into foreign languages for publication in the world. At this point, researchers benefit from academic translation services in order to publish their studies in foreign languages, to be accepted in the world academic community and to reach more people with their studies.

Written translation is one of the most needed and demanded types in the field. Since the quality of the translation adds value to the quality of the text, it is important that the translator who will perform the translation has both the target language, the source language and the necessary knowledge on the subject. In terms of the solutions we offer in each field, unlike general solutions, we take advantage of the advantages of the departmental system in particular.

Theses, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations can be translated in many subjects. Our company, which sheds light on the future with the references of academics and students at prestigious Turkish universities, continues to be the bright face of Turkey in this field with many translation solutions.

Best Academic Translation Prices 2023

As with the services we provide, we offer academic translation solutions at affordable prices in the field of academic translation services. We continue to manage your transactions without interruption with the most affordable academic translation prices.

We countinue to work devotedly to provide you with the appropriate academic translation service. You can contract our consultants via our website, WhatsApp line or e-mail and get price information for the translation process you need.

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Adıgün Çanakkale Translation Office serves with its central office in Çanakkale. However, with our online translation service, we are available in every location in the world. We serve as Istanbul translation office and Ankara translation office. We do all your translations without going out of your home or searching for your translation needs. You can do your other work while we process the sample of the text or document you send to us for you.

Adıgün Translation and Consultancy saves time and transportation for our clients. For this reason, we are the closest translation agency to you. Istanbul translation agency, Ankara translation agency, Izmir translation agency, Çanakkale translation agency and the closest translation agency to you in the world Adıgün translation agency is with you for quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Academic Translation? Expand

Translating academic studies from one language into another falls under the category of academic translation. Many people, especially university students, faculty members and research assistants, need translation services into different languages, especially English, in order to publish their research, publications and articles in international journals.

Where is Academic Translation Done? Expand

Academic translation can be done by specialized translation agencies. Adıgün Translation and Consultancy Office offers professional academic translation services in many languages.

Where is Academic Translation Required? Expand

Academic translation may be required in many fields for different reasons. However, it is one of the services especially needed by university students or academics. The need for academic translation may arise in theses, scientific articles and similar studies.

Do you translate foreign language academic documents into Turkish? Expand

We can translate the academic document, article, text in Turkish into the desired target language as well as translate the document into Turkish.

Do You Provide Online Academic Translation? Expand

We can provide translation services on every subject through online channels. For this, you can contact us via our website, WhatsApp line or e-mail.

How much are Academic Translation Prices? Expand

You can contact our company to take advantage of our current campign prices for academic translations and get detailed information.

How can I recieve my Academic Translated Document? Expand

We send your completed document to you online. If you request delivery with a wet signature, we deliver it by free of charge to anywhere in Turkey on the same day the process is completed.

Can I Trust the Confidentiality of the Translation? Expand

Yes, the text, articles and documents you recieved from our service are not shered with anyone other than our translators in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.