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Power of Attorney Translation

Our office translates power of attorney in all languages of the world. If necessary, we follow the notary approval of your power of attorney translation on your behalf.

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Adıgün Translation Office is always by your side with our meticulous and complete translation service and the most affordable price policy, for your power of attorney translation needs.

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Happiness depends on success, success depends on time. We know your time is very valuable. For this reason, our most important point is delivery on time.

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Notarized Power of Attorney Translation

Notarized power of attorney is the notarization of the translated document. A power of attorney is a document with official validity, in which it is revealed that a person or institution authorizes another person or institution to make decisions and act on its behalf in certain determined matters.

In most matters such as vehicle purchase and sale, real estate, accounting, inheritance, transactions can only be made with an official power of attorney.

Power of attorney translation is required when using the document in different countries. In these cases, the power of attorney is translated by sworn translators, and the new power of attorney text created in the target language is submitted for notary approval.

You can choose our office for power of attorney translation. We provide quality, professional service.

The Most Affordable Power of Attorney Translation Prices

The power of attorney translation prices vary depending on the language in which the power of attorney will be translated and the number of pages, but ranges from 25-50 TL. This does not include the notarization fee.

You can come to our office or send documents online for notarized power of attorney translation services. We offer you the most suitable translation price for power of attorney translation in our office.

You can get help from our professional and sworn translators for quality translations. You can get translations made with care in this way, ready for notary approval from our office. If you have created an online order, we can send it to your address by cargo.

Our office offers the most affordable prices for all kinds of translations.

Most Requested Power of Attorney Translation Languages in Our Office

People live in various countries and communicate with each other. Due to the differences in the languages used by different countries, the languages of official documents also change. In order to use the official document called Power of Attorney in a different country or in a place that requires a different language, a power of attorney translation is needed.

Sworn Power of Attorney translations in English, Arabic, German, Russian and French are frequently requested in our office. It is very easy to get quality service at an affordable price by coming to our office or sending the required text from our online tools.

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Power of Attorney Translation Office Closest to You

Adıgün translation office is located in Çanakkale, Turkey. However, another benefit of technology is that it eliminates the concepts of distance-proximity between buyer and seller. With our online Power of Attorney translation service, we are as close to you as an internet click, a phone call or an e-mail. In fact, we are very close to your home.

There is no need for long efforts to get service. All the information and directions you are looking for are available on our site. To place an order on the site, it will be sufficient to send a copy of the Power of Attorney to us via e-mail or whatsapp.

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