Consular Approval

Consular Approval

Consular approval is a type of approval that only countries who have signed the Lahey Agreement use. Consular approval is mostly considered apostille approved and is used when certified approval is just not enough for consulate approved documents in Turkey. We can get your documents translated, certified, and apostilled in just 1 day. We also send it to wherever it needs to be sent.

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Consular approval can be considered apostille approval. If the country you are in does not support apostilled documents, a consular approved document may be used in its place. This obviously changes from country to country, so make sure to read up about said country's apostille information. Consulate Approval is the considered method of certification amongst countries who have accepted the Lahey Agreement.

Usually, when apostilled documents do not work, a consulate approved document is accepted in its place. If the country you are in has not signed the Lahey agreement and does not approve of apostilles, you must get your documents approved by the comsulate directly, or else it will not be certified correctly.

Conditions For Consular Approval

Consular approval procedures must belong to the companies that fall under the Turkish Republic. This process is not required for documents that come from other countries. For those countries, the process must be done for the document in the country that it is coming from.

The conditions that have to be met are:

  • Those who have the authority's signing document, must be in the governorship or district governorship.
  • The process must be strictly correct, which is: translation, certified by a translation office, notary public certification, governor certification and then consular approval.
  • For consular approval to be accepted, the apostille agreement must not be signed by said country.

If you would like to contact us for more information about this process, you can call us at any time you prefer. It is a long and complex process, we are here to help.

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