Certificate of Celibacy Translation

Certificate of Celibacy Translation

Our company translates sworn certificates of celibacy in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and all other languages. In case of need, we follow up the notarization of the certificate of celibacy translation on your behalf.

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Notarized Certificate of Celibacy Translation

As a basic rule, in order for two people to legally marry in Turkey, the parties must not be in a marital relationship and must be single.

Single Status Certificate translation is an official document that can be obtained from institutions and organizations in the home country of foreign citizens or through consulates in the country of marriage, proving that the person is single on the date of issuance.

One or both of the couple to be married are foreign nationals, and those who will marry in Turkey must obtain affidavit for single status proving that they are single. In order for the documents to be valid, the certificate of celibacy translation into a certificate of celibacy is submitted to the desired official authority with notarized approval.

If the couple is a foreign national, the certificate of no impediment to marriage must also be apostilled. In particular, people who want to get married in Turkey can use the document they receive from their country's consulates after having it certified by a notary public.

If you need your document translated, send us your document through our digital channels (WhatsApp, E-mail, Telegram) without leaving your location, and we will send it anywhere in Turkey with our free delivery advantage after it is notarized in line with your request.

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Adıgün Translation Agency provides translation services in 63 different languages. We provide services with our experienced translators who have proven their professionalism. Russian, German and English are the most demanded languages for certificates of celibacy in our office.

With our online  Certificate of Celibacy translation office, we are as close to you as an internet click, a phone call or an e-mail. In fact, we are very close to your home. You can order your translation request in the license you want from our online communication channels or by coming directly to our office and you can benefit from our quality standardization certified services to our most preferred office thanks to its complete, accurate and fast delivery.

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