Apostille Translation

Apostille Translation

Our company provides sworn Apostille Translations in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Russian, Ukrainian and all other languages. If required, we follow the apostille notarization process on your behalf.

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Adıgün Translation Office is always by your side with our meticulous and complete translation service and the most affordable price policy, for your translation of the Apostille needs.

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Happiness depends on success, success depends on time. We know your time is very valuable. For this reason, our most important point is delivery on time.

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Notarized Apostille Translation

Apostille translations are generally needed by people who will go to a foreign country for marriage, business, etc. Because the apostilled document gains international validity status. In the same situation, foreign citizens who want to marry in our country, who want to do business, etc. who have affairs related to official institutions also need apostille process.

Notarized Apostille annotation is the process of having the official document to be translated translated translated by sworn translators, certified by a notary public and apostilled by the relevant authorities.

Apostille translation is a mandatory procedure in some cases. The process for your apostille approval order is as follows;

  • Translation of the document by our sworn translators
  • The translated document must be signed and stamped by us
  • Afterwards, certification by a notary with a notarial oath
    Administrative documents from the Governorate or district governor's office
  • For judicial documents, by the Presidencies of the Judicial Justice Commission
  • If the foreign citizen is a citizen of a foreign country, apostille procedures are carried out by us in the consulate or embassy of the relevant country authorized for apostille certification.

The procedures are carried out in an orderly, fast and complete manner. Our company provides apostille services for all kinds of documents.

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Sworn Translation of Apostille Documents

In general, the demand for Apostille translation is higher. There are different interactions between our country and the countries where certain languages are spoken due to social, historical, commercial, etc. reasons. Naturally, despite our translation services in all languages of the world, Apostille translation and notary services requests are concentrated in certain countries and languages.

As a translation office that can translate in all languages, we receive requests for translation and then apostille approval in almost every document and language. In general, the documents that are requested to benefit from our apostille approval service in official documents are as follows

  • Apostilled criminal record
  • Apostilled birth certificate
  • Apostilled bachelor certificate
  • Apostille criminal record
  • Apostille marriage certificate
  • Official documents such as apostilled diplomas are the most demanded documents that require apostille approval services.
Apostille and Legalization

The Closest Sworn Translation Office for Apostille Translation

We translate all languages in the world. Our office mostly receives birth certificate translation requests in languages such as German, French, Italian, Dutch, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic. You can request your sworn birth certificate translations from the above-mentioned languages or from 63 different languages that we translate.

We also provide translation services for many different documents as well. In this context, there is a high demand for European languages, since our citizens generally show a great demand to go to European countries. You can start the translation in the language you desire through our online channels or by coming directly to our office.

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