Medical Translation

Medical Translation

We offer you one-to-one medical translation services through professional medical translators. This service covers a wide range of areas from translating medical reports to pharmaceuticals and is provided by sworn translators specialized in this field.

As Adıgün Translation and Consultancy, we promise to provide you with a professional service through the medical translators in our team. With our team specialized in medical translation, we complete the translation of all kinds of documents in a short time with the most affordable medical translation prices.

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Professional Medical Translation Service

As Adıgün Translation and Consultancy, we offer medical translation and interpreting services. Our team includes professional medical translators who will provide you with services in this field. After the medical translation process carried out by our team, proofreading is carried out to ensure that the translation is completed with zero errors. Your medical translation requests are met in a quality, fast and reliable manner at affordable prices and delivered to you quickly.

Why Adıgün Translation and Consultancy?

As Adıgün Translation and Consultancy, we strive to offer you, our clients, the experience we have gained as a translation agency for many years with an increasing quality. For this purpose, we attach importance to the fact that each sworn translator in our team is a professional in his/her profession and an expert in his/her field.

Our first goal is to always provide you with high quality medical translation services with a highly disciplined team. Recognizing the importance of every document you request to be translated and the need for accurate and precise translations, we have combined quality with the most affordable medical translation prices.

The Most Affordable Medical Translation Prices 2023

The price determination for our medical translation service depends on the nature and quantity of the requested service. For our medical translation services for the pharmaceutical industry, we strongly recommend that you request a special medical translation price from us.

Except for industry-specific bulk requests, the basis for the calculation of medical translation prices is the character-based calculation. You can get a medical translation quote in a short time by contacting us via the form on our contact page or our phone numbers.

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Languages Most in Demand for Medical Translation

Medical translation services can be provided in hundreds of languages around the world. However, the most preferred languages in our country are Medical English translation, Medical German translation, French and Russian. Apart from these languages, medical translation is frequently preferred in Arabic language.

English Medical Translation

We provide medical translation services from Turkish to English as well as from English to Turkish. In this field, our translators who have a good command of the English language and are specialized in medical translation company will serve you. All kinds of medical documents and articles will be professionally translated and delivered to you in a short time.

German Medical Translation Service

German medical translation services are among the most popular services. Due to the interest in recruitment in Germany, CV translation, German equivalence certificate or medical article translation can be made into German, especially for German nursing or doctor applications.

Russian Medical Translation

Medical translation requests are not limited to German or English. Russian medical translation requests are also meticulously met and all kinds of medical documents are translated in a short period of time. You can rely on Adıgün Translation and Consultancy translators for translations from Russian into various languages.

Arabic Medical Translation

This service, which we offer for people who need medical translation services in Arabic, can be provided both in Arabic and from Arabic to other languages. You can reach us quickly from our phone numbers to benefit from this service we offer in Arabic and to get a medical translation price.

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